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Tree work can be tricky and is better left for the professionals to prevent injury and damage to you and your property. It can be made easier by hiring a professional. R. S. Clapham Tree Service is one of the top providers of tree care service in the Worcester County area and has been providing tree care since 2001. No matter the location or condition of the tree, we can assist you in the proper care for it to improve the safety, aesthetic appeal, and care for your property that you desire and deserve. Tree care can be incredibly dangerous, amateur attempts can result in further property damage, serious injuries and other tragic circumstances. The best and safest way to deal with these types of problems is to take advantage of our experience from over a decade of service in this industry and let us help you out.
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Trees can pose a threat to your property if not properly maintained during extreme weather conditions or as a result of decay in their old age. Strong winds and heavy ice can knock down huge branches or whole trees. It is better to identify and fix potential tree hazards before they fall on top of your home, car, or worse, a person. You could even find yourself stuck at home if a tree falls across your driveway, blocking your vehicle from exiting. This may seem like a mere inconvenience but in emergency situations it could be the difference between life and death. Don’t let yourself get into a bad situation! Contact us to prevent this.

Whether you need the trees on your property to be trimmed, pruned or completely removed, R. S. Clapham Tree Service can get the job done right. We are fully insured (for more details, just contact us and ask!) and all of our crew members are fully experienced in operating our equipment and caring for your trees on your property without inflicting any further unsightly damage. There is no tree too large for us to handle. As trees come in all sizes, it can be very dangerous to attempt to move them alone or without the proper equipment. R. S. Clapham Tree Service has the expertise and experience to be able to manage all of your tree removal or pruning needs.

It is very hard to predict emergencies. No one really knows how hard a storm will hit. Take action to protect yourself before the fact. Give us a call today!