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It is important to take care of trees that may pose a risk to your family or property before you have an expensive repair situation on your hands. If you’re not sure how to identify possible risks, we here at R. S. Clapham Tree Service can help you by providing a free estimate. You never know when Mother Nature will strike so don’t delay! Contact us for a free estimate today.
Services | Clapham Tree Services
Services available:

  • Tree removal
  • Pruning
  • Wood chipping and removal
  • Cleanup

Tree Removal – If you have trees that have issues or trees too close to your home for your comfort, we are more than happy to come to your property and remove them. It’s easy to understand the importance of taking out threatening trees before they take you out! Imagine having to deal with a tree that has fallen on top of your swimming pool or car. Save yourself the stress!

Brush Removal – Wooded areas can be home to a great deal of brush building up over time. Carefully selecting some smaller trees for removal while not removing all your trees can greatly reduce the risk of forest fires.

Pruning – Like the trees on your property just the way they are? You’ll need to maintain them regularly to keep them from becoming a hazard and causing damage to your property. Other times for concern include when trees grow too close to the buildings or power lines on your property. Call us for pruning your trees to maintain healthy trees, and remember you never want to remove more than 25 percent of the canopy of a tree in any given year because of the high stress it causes on trees.

Wood Chipping and Removal – we have the capability of chipping all the brush from the work we do on your property. Its up to you; if you want the firewood from your trees you can keep it, if not we can take it away, but we do shy away from chipping old brush piles because they tend to cause a large stress on our equipment, Plus its cheaper for you and easier for us if the brush is still standing where it is growing.

Cleanup – Every guest knows it’s impolite to just come over to your home and leave a big mess, and R. S. Clapham Tree Service is no different! We clean up after all our projects to the best of our abilities. We take pride in leaving your property as clean as possible.